Spring Break and a Mantra

Made it! Spring Break is here!

So I know I’ve been absent for a while, save for a post about tattoos and my opinions surrounding them. But, there are some really good reasons for that:

  1. School has been eating me alive. I’m working hard, and the hard work is paying off, but it means I’m having to sacrifice some other facets of my life in order to do well. School is a short-term thing, and doing better there means more, and better opportunities after it’s done.
  2. I’ve been training! You know that whole post about how there is no off-season? Yeah, I take that seriously. This last week aside, I’ve been working harder than ever to get faster and stronger.
  3. I’ve been cross-training! It’s been really nice to get some new and different options into my workout plan, including CrossFit. I’ve really enjoyed challenging myself in a different way than I’m used to, and it’s paying dividends in other areas of my fitness.
  4. I’ve been trying to get my diet under control. I went Keto and did a sugar fast early in the year, and I lost about 20 lbs really fast. Too fast, in fact. The last couple of weeks have been bad in terms of maintaining any kind of diet, as I burned up a bunch of my willpower in the first couple of months of 2017.

Ok, now that you know why I’ve been gone, let me share a little bit of why I’m posting now, and what you can expect as we move forward!

First, I really, REALLY need to regain some motivation. I’ve found it more and more difficult to get on the bike, or to lace up the running shoes, or to go to the pool, or to stick with my diet. It’s not that I haven’t seen results, I’m just struggling with my motivation to do what I know I should be doing.

In furtherance of that, I’m declaring my intentions here: to refocus, to reenergize, and reaffirm my commitment to tri in 2017. I’ve got some big goals, and if I don’t put the work in now, I won’t get there later. One of my favorite quotes in the past has been “The course doesn’t give you what you haven’t earned.” Meaning, if you haven’t put the work in before the race, you can’t expect results to just appear on race day.

Second, I’m announcing a mantra. I find it to be incredibly helpful to have a mantra you can repeat to yourself when things get really hard. What I’ve chosen to do is pick three qualities that I either have but are in need of some work, or that I don’t have but want to have. For me, those are Drive, Grit, and Determination.

When I am in a particularly hard point of a workout, the last two fartleks, the last 30 seconds of a 125% FTP interval, the 600-800 yards of a 1000 yard TT swim, etc., I tell myself with conviction that I AM those things. In my head, whether I’m saying it out loud or not, I’m screaming at myself: “I am Drive, I am Grit, I am Determination!” I repeat it again and again, to get through to where things ease up for a minute.

I would encourage all of you to do the same! Find three things you want to embody or need to embody more of, and tell yourself with conviction that you ARE those things! Tell others that you ARE those things! The more you say it, the more you believe it, the more you become it. And the more you believe it, the more others will believe it too.

Something that’s key about a mantra is that it’s short. It’s definitely no more than one sentence, and it’s best to keep it to 3-6 words. I chose three concepts which can be summarized shortly, but it’s meant as a trigger for you to remember the things you want to be, and why you are doing what you’re doing.

Third, I plan on being more active in this sphere. I am hoping to get a few drafts in the bank this week, and would like to be posting here once per week for the foreseeable future. I’ll need you all to keep me honest, but I understand if you don’t. 🙂

I’m hoping in the next several weeks to be able to do some reviews of some new products that I’ve been using in training already, and a few that are in the works that I see as vital to this years success. Look out for those soon!

Later on…